Friday, July 20, 2007

trying to lasso toll road bill

Texas tollway madness brings Governor Rick Perry, legislators, and the Department of Texas Transportation together to dispute the SB 792 bill. SB 792 grants private toll road contracts to last 50 years, ten years longer than in HB 1892, while also restyling the language of the bill which could allow the state to buy back toll roads from a private company, while also reworking where the money goes, and if they can establish and evaluate new projects. Legislators requested a vote for a moratorium but was not granted therefore leaving conflict and little time to consider the problems at hand. Questions circling the pros and cons of 50-year private toll road contracts and how to appease constituents against new “foreign” toll roads concerned the lawmakers. SB 792 was the agreed on bill that would control toll roads, while Perry said he would veto certain bills pertaining to private toll roads and hold sessions indefinitely until satisfied.

For complete article:
Perry Stared Down Legislative Blitz

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